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Eigen 10 Advisors offers a broad range of project-based solutions for commercial real estate investors and owners.  With decades of experience at the property and portfolio level, we help clients identify opportunities and risks before they become critical, and assist with the development and implementation of investment plans.  With work experience at limited partners, general partners and pension consultants, we bring a breadth of perspective to capital formation strategies and investor communications.  Our customized dashboard systems combine real-time market information with your portfolio's performance data, permitting your internal staff to focus on important decisions.  A more complete listing of services is provided under Our Work.


Clients subscribe to Eigen 10’s Baseline Reports package on an annual basis.  The package includes quarterly tracking reports which cover forward-looking economic, real estate, and capital market trends in the US and in each client’s designated metro markets.

In addition, clients can request custom reports – such as market screening, in-depth market analyses and forecasts, presentations and white papers. We also provide presentations to our subscription and outsource clients.

Eigen 10 produces standardized research reports for industrial, office, multifamily and retail real estate in all major US metropolitan markets.  Niche property types, property sub-types and non-US markets are also available on a customized basis. Eigen 10 subscribes to a variety of economic and property market data sources and chooses those that have proven to best capture and track activity in the markets under analysis.


Eigen 10 Advisors, LLC provides customized strategies and solutions for commercial real estate investors at the property, portfolio and entity level. We provide services in the areas of market analysis, capital formation and communications, asset and partner due diligence, portfolio strategy, implementation and reporting.  

Retainer- based services allow us to form a stronger bond with your organization and enable us to better understand your needs.  This arrangement communicates to the industry that you value strategy, and gives you the highest return from our services.  Our outsourced solutions give you access to a team of seasoned experts.  As a firm we are bottom-line focused. We have experience running businesses, and understand the need for work to be actionable, effective and revenue enhancing.

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