White Papers

The Contribution of Multifamily Housing to the U.S. Economy

For National Apartment Association / National Mulitfamily Housing Council

Eileen Marrinan, Managing Director / Hoyt Advisory Services

September 2019

Barriers to Apartment Construction Index

National Apartment Association / Hoyt Advisory Services / Eigen 10 Advisors, LLC

Paige Mueller, Managing Director

May 2019

Housing Demand and Immigration Trends

The Counselors of Real Estate

Paige Mueller, Managing Director

San Francisco, CA

July 31, 2018

Housing Demand is About to Change – Here’s Why

Real Estate Issues

Paige Mueller, Managing Director

Spring 2018

​U.S. Apartment Demand – A Forward Look
Sponsored by the National Apartment Association and National Multifamily Housing Council

Paige Mueller, Dr. Norm Miller, Dr. Jeffrey D. Fisher, Michael Dinn
June 2017

Expense Management: Why You Should Review Your Operating Agreements
Institutional Real Estate Americas

Paige Mueller, Managing Director
June 2017

Real Estate Debt Funds – A Short Primer 
PREA Quarterly
Paige Mueller, Managing Director

Summer 2016