Eigen 10 Advisors

Eigen 10 provides commercial real estate consulting services in the areas of market analysis, capital formation and communications, asset and partner due diligence, portfolio strategy, implementation and reporting.

Who We Are

Our senior executives have decades of experience across property types and business cycles.  We have worked for general partners, limited partners and pension consultants which gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ needs and a broad view of firms working in the market.  We are experienced in multiple countries and different vehicle structures, as well as debt and equity positions.

How We Help

We provide data-driven, forward-looking analyses for each client, balancing a deep bench of econometric skills with hands-on experience.  As independent real estate consultants, we provide un-biased solutions.  Our technology -based products allow our clients to focus on bigger issues and identify risks faster through more efficient and cost-effective technological solutions.

What We Do

Project Solutions

E10A provides project-based solutions customized to client needs, large or small.


E10A subscription packages provide forward-looking analyses of economic, real estate and capital market trends customized to your target markets.

Outsourced Solutions

E10A outsourced solutions give you access to a team of seasoned experts for short-term or long-term staffing needs.